Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


A Second Glance

Amidst all that must be done after a bereavement, I have managed to slip away for a day of good company, delicious food and a little creative play time, it was such a tonic. My destination was near the Derbyshire village of  Sheldon. I hadn’t realised, approaching Sheldon from the direction of the village of Ashford in the Water, just how close I was too Magpie Mine, which seems to be a place I always stumble upon rather than a destination (although I have promised Mr Uphilldowndale I’ll take him there on one of our Friday excursions when we mange to get them back on our radar).



I paused by the farm (to let the moths out of my camera bag,it feels such a while since I took photos for fun!)

The cows were curious

Curious cow

and the farm cat had no option but a cold tin roof.

cat on a cold tin roof


Old time readers may remember my story of the bears in the belfry, well this story in the press today, totally upstages my furry flying friends. All thanks to the deliciously named and refreshingly successful Raspberry Pi  Well done you Pi makers.



On Saturday one of Mr Uphilldowndale’s running buddies (I’ll  not publish his name, I’ll just call him ‘G’) was seriously injured when he was in a road traffic collision whilst out on his bike. We’re all sending  our thought’s, love, good wishes, prayers or what ever we have to give, to G, his family and those who care for him. Worrying times and we feel impotent, we wish we could do more.


I came across G a while back here.

Change in the  weather 4-1 


We were both on our  way to work, he had stopped to admire the view,  whilst I more likely, had stopped to catch my breath. We chatted, he was in reflective mood. I told how  him how Mr Uhdd was frustrated at not being race fit and was niggled by minor injuries. G offered this advice. ‘Tell him to eat more pies, he thinks he need to keep his weight down but he doesn’t, he need to eat more pies; I know I’ve done it myself.’


So I’m sending pies, or at least the metaphorical health giving properties of pies, its all I can do.


Heather x


Friends Old and New

Happy New Year dear blog buddies.

I don’t know about you, but it’s  a while since I’ve seen a  nice sunset, here is one from stock,  just to tide us over until this relentless wind and rain abates.

three trees december


I’m delighted to see that our dear friend Gerry has reappeared on the blog scene, I’ve missed her  wisdom, musings and whimsy so very much.


WordPress provided me with their  annual number crunching review of my blog, the gist of the ‘feedback sandwich’ was that 2013 wasn’t a vintage year for my blog. But then, I knew that.


I’ve been missing my blogging opportunities, and have resolved to ‘do better’ in 2014. Not because blogging is something I ‘should do’ but something I want to do,  my life is richer for it. I’ll need to get out more, in real world mode and in blogging mode.  So with that in mind, this weekend I’m aiming to zip off into Manchester, to catch, an exhibition by the skin of its teeth (it ends on 4th of Jan, just missing an exhibition is a reoccurring theme in my life). It’s ‘no photography allowed’ but as it  entitled  ‘Brains. The Mind as Matter’ I’m sure it will give me something to think about.


I’ve taken stroll out around the blogging world too, over the holiday, and fell upon this delicious blog, enjoy.


Windy Days and Nights

Glory be, what storms and gales we have.


Valiantly a daisy in the meadow, hangs on to its petals, yes a daisy in December.


windy days 2 

Granted they weren’t sown until late, but still,  it’s an unprecedented display.

windy days 3

These photos were taken yesterday, which was an altogether brighter sort of day

field maple_

With a crisp frost, a wisp of mist, and some storm diverted gulls

frost green and gulls_

Today is altogether bleaker, but keep the faith. The hazel catkins of Spring are waiting in the wings.

hazel catkins



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Sheep and Neeps

I wouldn’t like to hazard a guess if these sheep are eating turnips, swedes or something completely different,  as the more I tried to work it out the more confused I became.


I rather like the  unexpected, delicate pinkness that’s going on here.


sheep and neeps_


Excuse the focus on this one, I should have looked closer at what I’d got before driving on.


sheep and neeps 2


I was on my way to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, to see the Angie Lewin exhibition. An artist that taps into my  childhood love of a nature table, actually, something I’ve never grown out of, I’ve a bowl of cones, shells and feathers, on my desk as I write…

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and did a blast of Christmas shopping in gift shop to boot. Winner.


On Edge

Tom has been to Derbyshire this weekend, with his university mountaineering club, he was too close to home, for us not to pop over with Spud the dog to say hello*, first of all we had to find him, it was busy on Stanage Edge (we’ve been here before)




Spud found him




A beautiful crisp day, the visibility could not have been sharper


Stanage 2


Bouldering is the done thing.


Stanage 3


We came across this rather fun gate, I couldn’t move the sun, or the gate, so I’m afraid you’ll have to take the photo as it is; loving the shadows.


cow gate


cow gate 4



* We asked Tom’s permission first, we didn’t gate crash…


Good the Bad and the Ugly

My feet barely touched the ground last week ( andI certainly spent a lot of time on the road, some of it more literally than is healthy).  I’ve been to Bangor, Newark and Worcester.

By  breakfast on Wednesday, I’d seen the good, the bad, and overheard the downright ugly.


But for the sake of this blog we’ll stick with the good, the good was going to see Tom, at Bangor Uni, we stayed overnight leaving Joe and Spud the dog home alone, they seemed to have enjoyed the independence.


Mr Uphilldowndale and I took a morning turn along Bangor Pier after our cooked breakfast*.


Bangor Pier_

Mr Uphilldowndale commented that it looked a little run down,

Bagor Pier_


I said I thought all piers had looked like that since the 1960’s (but not being a northern working class lad, he didn’t ‘do piers’  in the 1960’s).

Bangor Pier 3

My friend Mrs Ogg said she thinks it looks lacking in ‘pierphernalia’

Bangor Pier 4

*After a bracing stroll (gloves would have been handy) we went for a second breakfast, with Tom, at the very tasty Blue Sky Cafe in Bangor


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