Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England

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Getting a Grip

We have been home over a week, but we still seem surrounded by ‘stuff’

Getting back from holiday is always a bit of a reality check, mountains of post to sift through, acres of washing (their has been a cue all week for the washing line)

Washing It’s not just the clothes and bedding that need cleaning up, it all the sailing gear, ropes, wet suits and sails all need rinsing drying and packing away; thank goodness they don’t need ironing. We must have brought back several kilos of sand (sand is like Christmas tree needles, you never quite get rid of it before the next year no matter how much you vacuum the carpet or the car.

It’s all the obscure stuff that comes out once a year that need stashing away again that is a pain, it was languishing all over the house till we had a call from a friend to ask if could he and his new finance come and visit and stay for the night.

After I had got over my ‘eeekkkkk you can’t even see the spare bed, let alone sleep in it.’ moment and remembered the housekeeping didn’t really matter but that the company did; I decided to turn a blind eye to the tumble weeds of dog hair that were (are) rolling around the kitchen, have a quick tidy round and open a bottle of red. It was the right move, we had a great evening and it was lovely for me to meet the bride to be, it’s such a nice romantic story that it will have to be blogged about in the near future, aghhhh, a happy ending.

Our time away has left the garden looking very neglected; what do you doCourgette (large)

with two courgette’s that weigh four and five pounds respectively? one of ‘Flighty’s’ readers came to the rescue, pointing me in the direction of a recipe for courgette muffins, they are not dissimilar to carrot cake, plus I added chocolate chips and walnuts, they have gone down a storm.

It will take more than a week to get the garden back in line and that’s mainly because it was neglected before we left! (I plead guilty to spending too much time messing around with this blog than in the garden.)The best way to cope is to look at the flowers individually; ‘that’s a pretty flower’ rather than ‘OMG where do I start.’ reaction. It’sMarigold too overwhelming any other way, ( we have a lot of garden) it’s what we call ‘an elephant task;’ you couldn’t eat an elephant at one meal, just a bit at a time, I am off now to go and chew on an elephants ear.