Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Take Three Boys

A recipe for hours of summer fun, this recipe makes a VERY fast and long slide, take the following ingredients (after conducting risk assessment.)

  • Three muddy boys, who have spent the morning den building and ‘making bricks from clay’

Three boys

  • A sloping garden of a reasonable gradient (it came with the house, a byproduct of living at the top of a hill.)
  • A large fiberglass tube (salvaged from a builders skip, I am such a skip rat; but I did ask permission and I did make a donation to the charity that owned it, would you believe it was a fire escape from a residential home for the disabled! I am pleased to say they have come up with an evacuation plan that now retains a little more dignity for the residents.
  • Some plastic sheets
  • A hose pipe, a bottle of shower gel (unwanted raffle prize from a village coffee morning)
  • Some sunshine


  • Remove all surplus clothing from the boys, insert boys in tube, repeat all afternoon and most of the following day.


This recipe make for easily entertained boys, a top tip is to supply sugary drinks and snacks; running up the hill is thirsty work and spending the evening with a house full of grumpy, exhausted and dehydrated boys is not recommended.

This recipe also allows parent to, clean mud off kitchen floor, get at a PC and spend secret time mooching around the Internet, whilst drinking a mug of tea, (when what they should really be doing is sewing Joe’s pocket back on his blazer and labels into mounds of school uniform.)


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