Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England

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The Long Climb

Things are on the turn, the hay is now bailed and taken in, thistle down is drifting on the breeze, berries and haws are starting to gain colour; it is, as my dad would have said ‘all looking a bit back-endish’.


We have a one last adventure before we return to the real world, of school for the boys and work for me, we are heading north to Scotland; up to Fort William for the ‘Ben Nevis Fell Race.’

It’s a long drive, cries of ‘how long till we get there’ have already begun and we haven’t even started packing yet. We shall break the journey with a brief stop, probably around our old stomping ground of Stirling, plus a stop at the Green Welly Shop, now the nice policeman has reminded me where it is

We were last in this area back in may on our way to the west coast for a holiday, but this time our mission is a little more intense, Mr UHDD has celebrated a significant birthday this year, and in Peter Pan mode he is out to beat his very respectable time of just over two hours to run up and down Ben Nevis, that he achieved last year, Ben Nevis is a little over 4,400 feet in height so he must have been ‘going some.’ We are loyal, enthusiastic and devoted supporters, from the bottom of the mountain.

However, just at this moment he is a little distracted from his preparations, he is trying to work out how some one from Nigeria has hijacked his eBay account, he is not a happy man.