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Nutritional Values

A huge section of the world population doesn’t have enough to eat, so how come I am paying Weightwatchers to stop me eating too much?

For the first time in my life I am ‘on a diet’ now don’t ‘click away’ just yet, I don’t plan for this to be a discussion on the calorific values of crisp bread (that would be as dull as dishwater) I am just reflecting on the irony of the situation.

I’ve never needed to diet before, having been of the tall and skinny ilk since I was about thirteen. But changing work patterns (my work is a lot less physical than it used to be) and a changing aging metabolism mean the pounds have been piling on. There was no way I was going down the traditional ‘fat club’ route to a draughty village hall at 6:15 on a Monday evening for a ritual weighing and to be told to lay off the custard creams; so I joined Weightwatchers On Line

I have always thought Billy Connolly’s diet advice of, ‘move more, eat less’ was pretty sound advice, but I had to accept that this time I need a kick up my growing backside. I didn’t like parting with the best part of £50 for three months membership, but within in a few days I was feeling really good, now part of this I suspect was a psychological reaction to just ‘taking charge’ of the situation and committing to change as well as the ‘detox’ effect of passing up on less than wholesome foods, (but not the red wine!)

I can report that it is working for me and I am very pleased about that, but I am aware that our relationship with food is complex(once you get up from the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs at any rate) After that it all gets a bit more complex, it would be cruel and trite of me to be so dismissive to say that losing or (gaining weight) is as easy as this.

I’ve a friend who has been in and out of hospitals and clinics for the last two decades, as she battles against the anorexia that has delivered her TB and taken her close to death (if you could see her curl up into an old prolapsed sofa, in an attempt to disappear form our sight when we made an unexpected call, it was heart breaking.) Or to see a young obese  women who having been in and out of care through out her childhood had used her size to conceal her pregnancy, a pregnancy that had just ended in a miscarriage, to see her ‘devour’ a Big Mac and fries brought to me, a whole new perspective on the expression of ‘comfort food’

But back to where I started; as I type this, to my left on the wall is a Red Cross calendar, the image for October (Miss October if you will) is that of a group of Kenyan women gathering for a meeting, with Red Cross officials, about the distribution of food and seeds, they face starvation and death, because of the failure of their crops; this is the image

I think the photo has a haunting quality, and it is haunting me right now; the woman in the center of the shot, her eyes are watching me as I type and I know in my heart I should have given the £50 to the Red Cross not Weightwatchers.

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