Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


My Head Hurts

This has nothing to do with the very sociable evening we spent with ‘the boy Caddy’ and Debs, who stayed over with us, last night; breaking their journey from Ardnamurchan to Weymouth, a long journey, which ever way you look at it; and when you are making the journey in Landrover 90, it  feels even longer.

No, my head hurts because it has had a busy week, plenty to think about. Great dollops of information and frustration all in one week. It has been time to dust down more than a few preconceptions, fluffy them up, rearrange them, chuck out few outdated ones and polish up few neglected ones with a bit more information and insight. One of the questions raised this week was am I  feeling cynical or skeptical, and  do you know I just can’t make my mind up. But I found this post  rather thought provoking. (Noddy, you might find some of the links in this blogers side bar of interest.)

A guest to this site has also provided me with a little gem of wisdom to help salve my aching head, and  whilst the information  hasn’t actually solved the problem, that has been rattling fruitlessly around my head for the last two years; it has at least allowed me to see what the problem really is rather than simply being blinded by it’s effect.  Time to turn angst in to action. Blogging folk are so kind.


Now British summer time has official ended and the clocks  have ‘gone back’ (meaning that some of the clocks in this house are now, at last, telling the right time again) and the dark nights are here to stay, why not close the curtains pull up a comfy chair and stay warm and snug.