Turning over a new leaf

Out with the old and in with the new.


The party is over, the guest have all gone and a good time was had by all.  Mr Uhdd is back at work and the boys, having become nocturnal, (staying up much later than they would in term time) are now being re-programmed, before they go back to school next week. It’s all rather dismal, just like the weather.

I rarely make it to the 12th night before  taking down the Christmas tree and decorations, this goes back to my retail days, by now I am just sick of the sight of the cards and glitter. At the shop we were always desperate to clear away the Christmas decorations and get a fresh, bright white, lime and lemon display in the window: before we were hit  at the end of January, with the orgy of red that is the lead into valentines day; it was a bit like craving a nice fresh salad after the excesses of Christmas feasting, a de-tox for the eyes.

I shall continue my ‘cleansing’ efforts with the house as well, I’ve made a start on our rapidly expanding book collection; I’ve had a bit of an issue with  books, in that I find it hard to get rid of the ones I have read and enjoyed, always thinking that I would like to read them again, but when? I ask myself; I all ready have a back log of books I ‘want’ to read and  text books I ‘have’ to read. I am not a fast reader, when I first had my dyslexia assessed in 2004 my reading speed came out in the ‘average range of a young adult’ 16yr and 6m, to be precise, oh that other ‘bits’ of me could still be assessed as being ‘young adult’! I also have problems remembering what I have read because of my short term memory weakness. I have ‘worked’ on my reading since then and I think if it were re-assessed now,the situation will have improved, because I have learnt a few strategies, and in addition by ‘turning up at the book’ and  just reading more, things are easier. But dense text of unfamiliar words is still an uphill thing.

So when every book is a bit of a conquest, it’s no wonder I got a bit possessive about them, but that was then and this is now, so surplus books will be moving on to new homes; because there is simply no more room at the inn,


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8 thoughts on “Turning over a new leaf

  1. BiL

    What will you do with the old books? Charity shop? I’ve got too many books as well.

    It’s easy with Land Rover bits; ebay provides a ready diposal route, but not sure about books.

    Before Christmas, I had a very satisfying trip to the local charity shop with two large bags of clothes all in good nick but which are now too big! I had been going to hide them away somewhere in case they were needed again but that’s defeatist; they won’t be.


  2. Where I can I will find them ‘good homes’ other than that its the charity shop, where they can fend for themselves and earn a bob or two for a good cause as well.
    Sound like you are sticking to your resolutions!
    Go Bil Go!

  3. We cleared all the Christmas stuff in the bookshop away last week. I’ll take my own cards down before the weekend.
    I’m a lifelong book buff but have never hoarded them. Once read I pass nearly all of them on to anyone who wants them or take them to the local Barnardos, half of which is just for books.

  4. dickiebo

    I agree with your comment about ‘things assessed as being young adult’ are never the things that we would like! I also suffer from the dreaded short-term memory loss – isn’t it embarrassing sometimes? I’m forever having to say, “Oh yes. I remember” when I don’t!!! Still, I guess that we’ll never be lonely, as there are plenty like us.

  5. You can sell second hand books on Amazon apparently.

    I am just like you when it comes to reading, although I have never had my reading ability assessed. I do read slowly (about speaking speed? Mr Man tells me that’s really slow) and I often have to re-read parts for them to “sink in”. It’s not uncommon for me to have to flick back a chapter or two to remind myself of what was said previously about (for example) a certain character if that person is mentioned again, so I share the memory problems too.

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