Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Snow Saturday


Well we got some snow, not as much as we expected, but enough to get me leaping out of bed this morning,the boys didn’t find enough snow but there was enough for snowballing.

I should have engaged brain though before I set foot out of the house and put my thermal leggings on under my trousers, it was cold out there. The new chickens weren’t sure what to make of it all, having never seen snow before, they were hopping around as though on hot coals rather than snow

The snow didn’t last long on the south facing slopes, as the morning got brighter, little by little.

Snowman walking 2

You could see where the snow had been blasted through the dry-stone walls, by the high winds


The wind made it feel so cold up here it made my eyeballs ache and it was difficult to see what was in focus because my eyes were watering so much.

Snow view

Two sheep

I was glad to get down off the exposed hill,  a clump of gorse provided some colour

Broome snow

And I’ve got my eye on this fungi, I’ll try and follow its progress, over the next few weeks.

tree funki

After a warming cup of tea, I took a turn around the field, I was being watched and it was getting brighter.


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Yesterdays Snow

We got snow and I’ll post some photographs in a little while, but first to prove that snow ain’t what it used to be; some images from the depths of my mums sideboard drawers, this one is dated 1901 and is of a local pub, (essential services must be maintained.)

Snow 1901

And this  the big freeze of 1947, that lasted from the  21st of January until 4th of March  it’s the main street of a local village

Snow 1947

Family legend has it that my dad drove an Austin Seven on the ice of a frozen reservoir, during this time, being of the generation that had just returned from active service in the Second World War, I suspect he thought he was invincible, he would have gone demented if I or my siblings had tried such a prank.


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