Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


That’s my boy

Please allow me a proud parent moment, two or three years ago Joe, when he was about seven, was having a pretty tough time learning to read and write and its fair to say his confidence took a bit a hammering

When he went to bed at night, he left a little notes across the landing, like this, which reads ‘I hate school’

I hate school

And others that read ‘I am a dumb head’ They were heartbreaking.

Every single moment of your school day when you are that age seems to be judged against your ability to read and write, even if you are a whiz at maths or science, your not going to get very far if you can’t read the question. School was miserable, and so was Joe; but following an assessment, that identified his dyslexic strengths and weaknesses and which gave us and the school some guidance in what extra support he needed, he has blossomed; now he will disappear off for a couple of hours to read a book and when he had some points to raise at school, in his capacity as Road Safety Officer (its a role he takes very seriously ) he decided to put his concerns in writing to the head.


Dear Mr Gregory

Lately I have spotted a few problems I would like to improve since it is my job as road safety officer


clip_image001 I have spotted at about 5:00pm the lights in the car park are off and it is hazardous to some people

clip_image001[1] Also my mum noticed the bush had been trimmed when leaving the car park and joining the main road and has asked whether it could be cut back further so cyclist on the cycle lane know if they are going to be run over or not


Joe Uphilldowndale.

The lights are fixed and the bush has been cut back, that’s my boy.