Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Good Intentions

The joys of home baking

Mr Uhdd is off running in the Lake District tomorrow, 27 miles and  11,000  feet of accent, setting out with his hill buddy at 6am, its part of his ongoing training for the ‘Bob  Graham Round’ being the loving wifey that I am I have made him some sandwiches, sorted a first aid kit and baked him some sustaining flapjacks; the instructions told me to ‘bake at 180c  for 25 min, do not over-cook’


Oh dear, I made a mess of that then; but it just goes to show how effective our linked smoked alarms are (if one goes off they all go off, so that  makes five fire alarms going off at once.) There is no way of hiding ones culinary disasters in this house, now if you will excuse me I’ve got to go and coax the dog out from under the kitchen table.