Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England



The workmen decided that they needed to ring the office and ask for some more help; it was obvious that it was going to take more than a sacktruck to get this shifted.


We’ve been to Blackpool today, a first for the boys and it’s an awfully long time ago since I was there, circa 1973 I think, we went to collect some Soling sails for BiL my brother in law, whilst we were there we thought we would take a look at the ferry the ‘River Dance’ that was beached in a storm in January a time to reflect on the power of the sea, awesome. Whilst all was calm and serene today, it must have been truly terrifying to have been crew or passenger on board at the time of the incident

Blackpool 4

I was told by a somewhat monosyllabic, but polite Dutch man, who was acting as ‘bouncer’ for the stricken ship (are all the worlds salvage teams Dutch?) that they are hoping to try and re-float her next Friday, (the guy was probably sick to the back teeth of being asked ‘what’s the plan?’)

I must say I wouldn’t have thought of going any where near Blackpool if it hadn’t been for the reason of collecting BiL’s sails, the last time I under took such an sailing orientated errand for him, a few years ago, I went at a weeks notice, to Hawaii, to meet up with him when he was skippering a yacht in an ‘around the world’ yacht race, taking a case of essential items and a bit of emotional support to the other side of the world; in fact so much of my luggage were items that he needed ‘bringing out’, that when I arrived at Honolulu airport and my suitcase didn’t, he was a bit more upset about it than me; I just felt exhausted and overdressed, I had left home and Manchester airport in several inches of snow, what seemed like days before, my attire was hardly beach wear!

Hawaii was beautiful and the trip a once in a lifetime experience, but I have to say that Blackpool was looking more photogenic than I remember, if a little short on palm trees.

Blackpool 1

Not only that we were back home in time for tea.

Blackpool 2

(Our journey home was an adventure too, but more of that in a day or so.)



Because we all need a little sunshine sometimes

Gaudy, primary, in your face yellow, the colour of crocus,


forsythia and daffodils, all the flag waving flowers that promise spring, just the thing to spread a little cheer. Mr Mans Wife if feeling a little blue, the black dog of depression is snapping at her heels, I hope she feels a little brighter soon.