Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England



On our journey home from Blackpool took an unexpected and fortuitous turn, we had just driven past this wonderful sculpture,


I was lamenting how I would have loved to stop and take some photographs, but it was a busy road, with no obvious stopping places, when we stumbled upon the entrance to the studio of the maker of this magnificent installation (I’ve since discovered it is lit at night and changes colour)

I love art glass, I love stained glass, ( give me colour, give me colour, jewel like colours, I’ve never been a pastel sort of girl, and as for beige, well.) I was chuffed to bits to find that the studio was open and that John Ditchfield  was working at his art.

Glasform 1



I’ve posted about glass before, and this link was very popular on the ‘clickometer’ so go have a play and blow your own vase.

If you have ever seen and enjoyed the work of Dale Chihuly its a pretty safe bet to say you will like Johns art, John uses quite a bit of iridescent luster in his work and the boys encouraged me to buy a piece, a green pod like garden ornament, will it get to the garde? well I am currently trying to work out which bit of garden would be a safe bet for it not to end up like this


in the mean time it sits happily in a cobalt blue dish, this makes me very happy because it is a ‘peacock’ colour combination which I love, John also works on a lot of architectural installations, this is a template for a pair of gates, nice eh? 2.6m high, made in wrought Iron, with infill of blue and green luster glass


There are large sculptures in the fields around the studio, they are great fun, very witty and as this is a visual art,  I’ll shut up and let you look;I hope you enjoy this looking at this  photofest as much as I did taking them.

Glasform 3


Glasform 4


Glasform 6

Glasform 5



Glasform 7

Glasform 2