Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England

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Beauty and the Beast

Compare and contrast; I try and bring you a few snippets of rural life and it’s usually from a Northern UK perspective,but today I must point you in the direction of a rural pursuit in the US,

I read about it on the Digital Cuttlefish blog it’s about a beauty pageant with a difference, please trust me, it is rural, just not my rural.

In the UK we aren’t big on the whole beauty pageant thing, some villages have May queen festivals I suppose, but it’s in a different league to this; as this pageant combines the young ladies talents of ‘strutting her stuff’ on the cat walk and…… wait for it…. skinning muskrats,

The winner of this particular contest was ‘a lovely brunette who skinned two muskrats in one minute, forty-two seconds.’ The combination of the two events looks as bizarre as it sounds, so on the recommendation of the Digital Cuttlefish,

‘go read!(Washington Post article) In addition, there is an audiovisual montage that is wonderfully put together. The last picture features the winner, resplendent in her white evening gown, posing happily with a dead muskrat slung over her shoulder.’

And while you watch, keep in your minds eye an image of Clarissa Dickson Wright and the Country Alliance

Its a world apart.

If you enjoyed the Digital Cuttlefish post poetic stance on life try reading this one, it’s bound to raise a smile