Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England



I reckon it must be the best part of three decades since I last climbed to the top of this hill, I was no older than the young couple ahead of me.

Folly and young couple 

But with a canceled appointment, a couple of hours to kill before the next and a very definite need for a breath of fresh air, off I went, (the undulating ground is the result of lime burning in the 17th and 18th century.)

Well if it was fresh air I wanted there was plenty of it, it was wild; at the top of the folly I could barley stand, so it seemed wise not to linger, inside the folly wind was howling and whistling up the spiral staircase, not the brightest of days, but here’s the view looking down towards the town of Buxton

View to town

The large blob of a building is the Buxton Mineral Water bottling plant, how did that get past the town planners? it sticks out like a sore thumb, ugly and most definitely not in keeping with the roof lines and building materials of the rest of the town. This is the view from the other side, towards the open moors and from where the wind was whistling in

View to moors

Coming off the top it was more sheltered, and I came across some farmers working on a dry stone wall, we had a chat and they kindly offered me a cup of tea from their flask, I declined as  it seemed like they might need all the warm tea they could get!


There was a lot of work to be done;

Wall, before


Not only does it look good, the finished wall does the job and will  last more than the next three decades, till I’m passing that way again.

Wall after

An edit following on from Sarah’s comment, this postcard came from the depths of my mums sideboard as did other images,  it was posted on 19th August 1933


it reads

Dear J

Did not get to Cleveleys after all, so now staying at the ‘Bedford’ for a few days, We are thoroughly  enjoying Buxton, Mrs Hammond is meeting me tonight and we are going to see Edward Dunn, a favorite.


May be they went here to watch the film,