Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England



It’s official, today is the vernal equinox and rain is lashing against the windows, it doesn’t look very spring like, but never the less,  I bring you a dual symbol of rebirth and spring growth, all wrapped up into one, a double tulip in an egg shell.

Egg tulip 

I’ve also been to Joe’s  schools Easter church service, church services are not my kind of thing, that said the vicar was a bit of a showman he had the kids ranging in age from, 5-15 totally focused, far different  than the boring stuffy kind of guy we got at our school services. The collection was taken during one of the hymns, which neatly side stepped any chance of the reoccurrence of an embarrassing incident  that took place a couple of years ago, when one of Tom’s class mates held the collection plate for the retiring collection (taken as the congregation left church) as money was placed on the collection plate, the boy kept up a commentary  of the running total,

‘£3,£4,£7’ and on he went, ‘£13, £15, £18’ as the donations grew, he was up to about £68, when a rather well heeled grandfather placed a crisp £20 note on the plate,

‘£88!’ his voice getting even bolder and  louder as his net takings took a giant  leap forward, he was a bit like a bookmaker on the track side at a racecourse, we could hear him, but couldn’t get through the melee at the church door to stop him! If any child was trying the same thing today, at least the powerful organ music would have drowned out the bottom line, I do like organ music.

So what ever you might or might not, be celebrating this weekend, have a good time, even if has to be ‘indoors if wet’ I was rather hoping for a spot of gardening, but I might just have to eat eggs instead.


Egg tulip 2