Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Clearing skies

At 6pm it was a snowing heavily,

big, floppy, doily patterned flakes; at twenty past six it looked like this.


Many thanks to the sheep for

A, standing on the sky line

B, turning through 90 degrees, so they looked like sheep.


Having a good time

The snow showers continue, despite the cold there are a lot of people out and about, these two summed it up, when I asked if it wasn’t a bit cold to be out on the ‘bike’

‘Well, were on holiday and you have to make the most of it’ my second question was have you got ‘thermals’ on (should I be  asking complete strangers about their under clothes?) to which the answer was YES!


Others were having a snowball fight

Snow ball fight

or building snowmen


Or looking at the views,


Mr Uhdd had planned to go to the Lake District to do some fell running, but after looking at the weather forecasts, decided against it, others didn’t, see this  video by Wasdale Mountain Rescue team who set out to rescue three mountaineers who were ‘crag-fast’ at 4am yesterday morning.

Today there is less blue sky, it’s a bit bleaker


But still pretty as a picture compare to tomorrows planed post, you have been warned.