Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Risk Aware

I bought some hairdressing scissors, at Boots the Chemists, I’ve written about Boots before. At the the till the sales assistant sighed, ‘I am sorry the display on my till tells me I’ve got to check, are you old enough to purchase sharp pointy scissors; are you?

Well, old enough in years, but I’ve probably peaked from a safety pointy of view; without my glasses on its probably not such a good idea to let me loose with them, not if my husband and children wish to retain their ear lobes.

The assistant continues, ‘It was the same at Christmas, we couldn’t sell Christmas crackers to anyone under 16 years of age in case they made explosives from them, FOR GOODNESS SAKE, I lived in Northern Ireland with my husband when he was in the army, I can tell you how to make a bomb big enough to blow a hole in a wall and it wasn’t from Christmas crackers.’ she is well in her stride now, ‘What you need’ and she proceeds to give me the ‘recipe’ …………….

And if you think I am going to publish that information you are wrong, Tom and Joe read this blog, from time to time and they have tried building flame throwers already.



Blowing in the wind

Why, oh why, is there so much litter, stuck to every tree and branch and barbed wire fence


The litter lying and flying about the place seems worse than ever this year, in particular, polythene bags and plastic wrappers

Every barbed wire fence, (this is an ever so ethical Co-operative Society carrier bag.)


every thorn bush, seems to have tatters of poly bags attached. Along with the domestic waste is the black wrappers from the bails of silage used as winter fodder for the cattle,


I am not sure if the reason it ‘seems’ worse this year is to do with the fact the local council has changed the way it operates kerb side refuse collections, so people put out a lot recyclable items out for collection, but in plastic carrier bags, or if it has been like this for a long time and it only now I am out and about with the camera and actively looking at the landscape, that I am noticing it more.


Maybe it would be more constructive, rather than moaning about it, just to start collecting it, this is what Joe wants to do, he fancy’s getting hold of his Grandmas ‘long reach grabber things’ and setting off on a mission. I am not sure his Grandma, would want to give them up for such a task, seeing as she usually uses them to reach cereal packets off the top shelf in the pantry, we will have to ask.