Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Mad House

I have spent some time today searching for my glasses, I could remember I brought them in from the car on Saturday, when I got back from shopping, but I couldn’t find them, not until I  was preparing some lunch and there they were; in the fridge, in the bag with a pound and a half of traditional sausages and a pound of home cured bacon. They have misted up now.

‘Thing one’ made a break for freedom this morning, and who could blame her, it’s a mad house;

Thing one 2

she fluttered up into the cab of the delivery drivers van, he looked a little bemused, she looked some what thwarted when I retrieved her. I told Joe what she had done , ‘Oh no she didn’t do a poo, did she?’ no thank goodness,that would have cost us a dozen eggs , by way of an apology.

She isn’t the first of our pets to plan a great escape, Boo the old cat, had to be brought back home by the telephone engineer who had been working at the house, he  found her in the back of his van when he got back to the telephone exchange, at the other side of town.