Feathered Nest

Gusty winds the other day must have dislodged this nest, I found it on the ground

Little nest 1

It’s a work of art, dainty, only four inches wide and two deep, it’s constructed from a wide selection of materials, lichens, mosses, twigs, we could identify, both cat and the dog hair and it’s  lined with feathers

Little nest 2

We were impressed by it’s craftsmanship and as Tom commented

‘ And just think, birds haven’t got any hands.’

He has a point, you try building that with no other tool than a beak!

Sadly they will have to start all over again, with better foundations.

7 thoughts on “Feathered Nest

  1. What a lovely nest. It truly is a work of art. I think that’s one of the best made nests I’ve ever seen. It’s too bad they’ll have to begin again.

  2. I imagine it was green because it was so ‘fresh’ and hadn’t had time for the lichens and mosses to loose their colour. There was no sign of any eggs, what do you think, a finch maybe?

  3. Neat bird nest and a green one! I haven’t seen a green bird nest before. I enjoy looking at bird nests and how they are constructed. Amazing how the bird nest is tightly wound in a circle. 🙂

  4. What a shame, all that work for nothing. Still it was better that it fell down now than when there were eggs or chicks in there.

    We had a pair of house finches nesting in a hanging basket on our porch last year. It was marvelous to watch the whole process from nest building, to the young fledging and leaving the nest for the first time.

    And nobody gives them any training in how to build a nest, they just know by instinct. Isn’t nature wonderful?

  5. Joss

    Our collared doves had their chicks snatched from out of the nest by a crow last week. But they are starting all over again with a new family now. At least they don’t have to make a new nest as well – the old seems to be still usable, albeit badly positioned in a rather public place near our bird feeders.

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