Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England



I’ve been feeling unwell for a few days, yesterday the only time that I crawled  in a slothful way, out from under the duvet was to pick up a prescription from the doctors. In the car park my legs didn’t much feel like they belonged to me, but rather a giraffe, they were sort of gangly and not quite going in the direction I wanted them too, maybe it hadn’t been such a good idea to come out: an elderly lady was being helped from a  car into a wheel chair, her legs looked stick thin and  brittle, like those of a fawn.

In the Chemist, I slumped on the the ‘waiting chair’, what is it about the ‘ritual’ of dispensing chemists that makes reaching a packet of antibiotics off the shelf, slapping a sticky label on them and giving them to the customer such a big deal, the chemist took the prescription from me, entered it to her computer then proceeded to make two phone calls before, having the grace to come back and OK the box the assistant has reached off the shelf and hand it to me, I was feeling like a bear with a sore head, I just wanted to go back to bed.

Driving home I glanced in the rear view mirror, it was completely filled by the word VOLVO and the snarling radiator grill of a stone lorry, it was clinging to the back bumper like a limpet; maybe I was driving at a tortoise like speed, but no, on checking my speed it was the stone truck who had the issue with the new 30mph speed restriction not me. Back home I found my glasses (I’m getting as blind as a bat without them) I read the leaflet that came with the antibiotics, a list of possible side effects that’s enough to make you feel as sick as a parrot; but at last, I could go back to bed and curl up in my hibernating hedgehog pose. (not my photo folks)


I’m feeling much better today, well better than yesterday, it’s just as well because Mr Uhdd has been at home today, rattling around the house like a flea in a bottle and he has just taken a chisel to the kitchen wall, so it’s just as well my thumping headache has gone.

The weather has at last been beautiful (whilst I’ve been in bed, typical) so I did go and sit by the pond for a wee while this afternoon, this dragonfly was flitting around, they are tricky blighters to take photos of, they wont keep still; I think they have something a ‘prehistoric monster’ look about them, or maybe that’s the medication

Dragon fly