Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Throwing the book at us.

A slight diversion from meandering around the sheep dog trials in the autumn sunshine, excuse me whilst I step up on to my soap box,  not the promised post, but I need to get this one off my chest.

I posted last week that I had at last got my hands on a copy of Inspector Gadgets book, I’ve been reading Gadgets blog for well over a year now so I was keen to see how many more tales he had to tell, that  and how his ‘voice’ sounded  making the leap from blog to book. I can report that it was compulsive and disturbing reading.

What no doughnuts

I’m not sure how our police service has managed to get itself tied up in knots that it has, maybe its because it has  (at the governments behest) taken it’s eye off the ball  and tried to be,or worse still,  tried to appear to be, all thing to all people, without delivering the goods. I’ve certainly seen that happen in business, where a company has expanded its ‘range’ so much it just becomes rubbish at everything and it’s customers desert their loyalty to the brand in droves, because they don’t really know what it does any more, other than nothing very well and something’s appallingly; or maybe  as a society we get what we deserve (just like we have with our banking and financial institutions?) or  it is just the pomposity and incompetence, by senior management and politicians alike? I wish I knew the answer or had confidence in a government or political party that did

Gadget could be forgiven for chewing his own hand off at the wrist in sheer frustration, at the pointless bureaucracy and stonewalling that makes up a large chunk of his working day (or night) and that’s  not just within the police, but from social services, mental health, the courts and Crown Prosecution Service. The levels of violence that he and his response colleagues face is shocking enough but the lack of resources and support they get, both at the incident and in the courts is noting short of obscene (if you suffer from high blood pressure, please take medication before reading the book) I have no doubt there will be enough material for a second book.

 Edge of Darkness 1



One man and his dog

A trip to a country fair and sheep dog trial last weekend has resulted in a cache of photos for posting, first up one man and his dog

Sheep dog 2

Sheepdogs, or as presented here with their Sunday best name of Border Collie are highly intelligent dogs and they are desperate to ‘work’ the sheep (a bored Border Collie is a volatile creature,  I once saw one being walked in Central Park in New York, I wondered what sort of life it might lead living in a city, not one like this I suspect.)

Working dog

It was a perfect autumn day, the show ground is picturesque, if a bit steep (we are a bit short on flat ground, but we manage with what we’ve got.)


all kinds of dogs with all kinds of folk

Dogs 1

Some even had their very own pack with them.


Coming up later ferrets, archery, sheep, the odd vulture (not native to the area I hasten to add) and even a local or two, but first I really must get some work done, see ya later.