Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


White Mist

We’ve spent the day shrouded in mist or under snow showers, I nearly didn’t take the camera out with me, but I changed my mind, I’m glad I did it was quite a funky light.

Z, man in the mist

The robin came too


the grass went up hill, the wall went down hill

Uphill grass, downhill wall

You know there will be trouble ahead, when the sheep get out; trying to see three white sheep in the road in thick mist is a bit like trying to see a black cat in a coal cellar

the three muses

They are quite sweet really,unless they are eating the garden or pulling the walls down.

We have a nasty outbreak of abandoned caravans in the area, they are a blot on the landscape, I rather hope this one jumps before it is pushed.

Blot on the landscape

More barbed wire detritus

Y, Melt down