Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


A Room With a View

The high pressure that has sat upon for so many weeks, has been blown away, the wind is gusting at about 36mph strike that  it’s  41mph at the moment, and whilst the temperature has come up considerably (5C), what with the wind-chill, it’s not that pleasant outside.

I took the following photos from the bedroom window this morning, they are not brilliant, but I’ll just keep hacking away at shooting away, in the photographic sense,  at birds; till I see some improvement or I take the time to learn  how to do it properly  (Mr Uhdd is muttering in the background, ‘I suppose you’ll be wanting a longer lens soon.’)

Z, K1

I took them through the glass as trying to hold open and lean out of the window  whilst manually focusing the camera and my hold dressing gown together (I’d just come out of the shower) in a 30mph plus wind, was not working, safety and dignity won the day, so I buffed up the window pane with my sleeve and clicked away.


The kestrel picked off a couple more moles from the field, which is no bad thing considering how many mole hills we have.


The flight and control this bird displays, in such gusting winds was a joy to watch, if I see it again later, I’ll not fiddle about with the camera, I’ll just watch.


And enjoy