Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


After Eden


Can you tell what it is yet? This sight made me think

After Eden

of the Eden Project if you don’t know about the Eden Project there’s a video here.


Actually the photo is  my precious bay tree, swathed bubble plastic, to protect it from the worst of the frost

After Eden 1

I’ve never been, to the Eden Project much as I would like too, each summer when we go to Devon, I think I’ll leave the rest of the family on the beach* and take myself off for the day, but even from where we stay in Devon the Eden project is still a long journey and by the time I get on holiday I’m in mañana mode and it never happens, maybe this summer?

*I’m sure they would love it when they got there, but I know I’ve not a cat in hells chance of getting them off the beach and into a car.