Good Morning America, it’s a Beautiful Day

It’s not so very long ago that today’s events would have been impossible, this is how it was in 1957 and this was 1964 when  Dr King predicts an African-American president “in less than 40 years.”

Snow day

There is not much I can say to follow that. Other than the fact it is a beautiful day here too.

Beautiful day 1

Happy birthday Mr Uhdd xx

15 thoughts on “Good Morning America, it’s a Beautiful Day

  1. dave

    first comment on a post – thats a first !

    I share that sentiment entirely, good luck to President Obama, and hopefully he can bring some order to the chaos both at home and abroad.

    Also, lovely pictures – your making me jealous in my Basingstoke office where all we get is rain…


  2. I’ve despaired of the Bush era and sympathised with my American friends at the perception the world at large has had of the country and it’s people. Like them I’m hopeful that this change will benefit them and us.
    Terrific photos as usual, and a happy birthday to Mr Uhdd! xx

  3. A beautiful and historic day indeed. As most the world I hope Obama can bring some order to chaos he inherits from the Bush administration.

    Happy Birthday to Mr Uhdd!

  4. Happy birthday to Mr UHDD.

    Not wishing to pour oil on the coals, but let’s remember the new Prez is mixed descent. To me that’s an even better situation and I wish him and his country folk well.

  5. Thank you for your good wishes. Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I are marching about the living room to “The Stars and Stripes Forever” and waiting breathlessly for the Inaugural Address. It is a glorious day in Torch Lake Township and I only hope I can find a way to write about it without falling completely into a sea of inarticulate emotion. Happy Birthday Mr. Uhdd! What do you think of the parade we arranged?

  6. A historic day, so many hopes for one man to cure all the Worlds ills. If he achieves 25% of what people expect he will have done well.
    I sit waiting for his inaugural speech with mixed feelings of hope and dread (somewhere there is a psycho with a gun who wants to be known as the man who shot President Obama).

  7. Mr UHDD

    Thanks very much for your good wishes.

    I had a call from UHDD this morning raving about the weather and views from this local hill. She just couldn’t keep it to herself.

    We watched Obama’s inauguration speech – very moving, what an orator. Even if he isn’t able to meet everyone’s expectations of him, he seems so much more in touch than his predecessor who I believe had only ever left the US three times before taking office.

  8. It IS a beautiful day (even though it is gray and cloudy outside my office window). A beautiful day for hope, for change, for a fresh start and a day of excitement for our future.

    Happy Birthday, Mr. UHDD!

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