Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England



When tide and wind are just so, the boys (accompanied by a responsible adult*) love to go to the Hipple, a sandbar that is exposed at low water, it kicks up a bit of surf

Surf bums-1123

It is guaranteed to wear the kids out.

Face full-1122

*This excludes me, water is not my element, my excuse is that I grew up in  Derbyshire, far from the sea where the water we see most of is rain**; mind you that’s not an excuse that you’d hear Dame Ellen MacArthur trot out.  In an emergency I’d be about as much use as a chocolate tea pot, I’ll leave it to those better qualified.

**So I should be in my element today, it’s pouring down, British summers eh?



The coast paths around Devon are stunning,


(from Gara Rock, National Trust)

I’d sort of stopped walking them, when they boys were smaller I found it far from relaxing, narrow paths and high cliffs set my nerves on edge.  


I walked from Mill Bay round to Gara Rock. Through the wood

Fern frond-1151

Full of ferns and dappled light.


and out into the sun,

Bolt Head-1160

Bolt Head

I don’t know what this plant is, with it’s red tendrils,

plant coast path 2-1178

I’ve seen it on the Pembrokeshire coast, but not in flower, it seems to be spineless itself and seeks the sun by clambering over clamber over the gorse bushes.

plant coast path -1158

The Gara Rock hotel was demolished about three years ago (Which is a shame because at this point of my walk a beer would have been a nice idea) and the redevelopment of the site has ground to a recessionary halt


the thatched ‘look out,’ now with boarded up windows is all that remains, it looked a little sad, with its tuft of slipped thatch.

Gara rock-1197


Growing Generosity

I met a man today, in the main street of Kingsbridge; he offered me, for free a fresh lettuce, so fresh in fact they were still growing

Fresh veg-1237

A man of lettuce*

He explained he had far too many for his own use  (it looks to me like they were growing in a length of guttering, but I might be wrong; there was the odd comic moment, a bit like Laurel and Hardy with a ladder, where passing pedestrians came close to a whack on the back of the head with a fresh lettuce.) Sadly I had to decline, I was on my way to the Cookworthy Museum and not really set up for carrying fluffy lettuce, but it was a generous act, a random act of kindness that made me smile.

Further up the road, I’m not sure what a marketing guru would have made of this linked sale / product placement.

Product placement-1254

I’m sure it was done with the best possible intentions, to promote a flag day, but….

*I have to credit my friend Ogg, for that line.

Kingsbridge, Devon, Fresh lettuce, Cookworthy Museum, Cancer Research, Radom acts of kindness.


Time and Tide

Meeting with  friends we’ve not seen since last summer, the first comment is how much Tom has grown, followed by the question ‘what do you feed him on?’ The answer, anything, just so long as it’s a lot of it.

Lean on me 1-1029

If I needed any further conformation that my ‘baby’ is a baby no more it was standing on Mill Bay, watching him sailing solo; helming  a Laser dinghy, around the headland, out of sight and out towards The Bar and the open sea, that and the fact he’s wearing size 10 wet boots.

Salcombe 1-1164


Sea Breeze


To the seaside, for a pre-emptive dip in the ocean, have a look at Tidelines photography, as fresh and bracing as a sea breeze.

There must be so many UK residents heading for the west country its a miracle it doesn’t sink. Back home the cats are delighted to be under the tender loving care of house sitters (I even cleaned the fridge, in anticipation of their arrival) who pamper to their every whim, 24/7, for them there is no place like home, they will be spoilt rotten.