Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Men At Work II

Continuing with more photos of the folk who graft away whilst we enjoy our holiday in Devon.

‘Would it be Ok if I took your photo?’ I asked.

‘Go ahead, I’m a total tart’ was the reply. I’ll take that as a yes then.

Ferry steps 1

‘I’ve not spent thousands on body art to be shy about it’ he told me, ‘I’ve been an  extra in films you know, in France and Spain; but they type cast me, as a lager lout and I’m not. I’m thinking of dying my beard.’

I very doubt that a larger lout would have made such an immaculate job of clearing the ferry steps at East Portlemouth, all 140 of them. He also told me about the distinctive physique of the men of Brixham, his home town, ‘they all have beer bellies, but have legs like whippets, it’s all the climbing up and down the steep paths and steps.’

Ferry steps 2

‘I like doing a job well.’ He told me.

South Hams District Council, you have an ambassador, in your midst; I’m afraid I didn’t ask his name, but I’m sure he’s instantly recognisable.

Ferry steps 3