Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England



Salcombe is awash with dogs, that just have to be part of the action.

Seadog 5


Seadog 3

Terriers it seems are more of a seadog than I realised, or maybe it’s just  that have to lead from the front.

I remember this dog from last year

Seadog 5

Now I’ve got a better broadband connection and a little child free time, standby for a rapid fire of seaside posts, that are in my head, in a chaotic virtual queue, all waiting to be written and published; my friend asked me the other day if posting to the blog became a chore, but for me it’s not like that (I’m not very good at chores in any case, ask Mr Uhdd) no, it’s more of a frustration, I can see the finished post in my minds eye in an instant, but getting them together is a different matter, maybe a bit more of an editors eye would be an advantage *sigh*.