Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Something Special

I’ve met some interesting people on this holiday, from the gentleman giving away lettuce, by the yard; to the fastidious Technicolor workman, so I was intrigued  to see a man just outside the door of our holiday let who appeared to be making a detailed drawing of a road cone, curious I had to take a closer look, I was in for a treat the subject matter of his concentrated effort wasn’t a road cone.Grasshopper 5

Take a closer look, can you see? On the grass between the the bulldog clips. It’s very well camouflaged. Its our visiting grasshopper again But this time she has been spotted by someone who knows what he is looking at, (it’s a great green grasshopper by the way.)


But not only that, he can paint exquisitely, he told me butterflies were his usual subject and showed me some of his work.

Butterflies 1

A couple of children came to see what was going on and he kindly showed them how to let her walk on to their hand.

Grasshopper 7

Dad, can I be an entomologist when I grow up?

Grasshopper 6

the boy remained as cool as a cucumber whilst she walked up his neck and into his hair.

Grasshopper 3

The artist, David Measures has several books published of his work (you can see and buy his paintings here) one of his favourite locations to work is Cressbrook Dale in Derbyshire and he is having an exhibition at Derby Museum and Art Gallery from the end of January-March, dates to be confirmed, so I can go and see some more, what a treat.

Grasshopper 8

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