Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England



Mr Uhdd  and Tom left the Salcombe area of Devon on Saturday, to drive to Weymouth to stay with Mr Uhdd’s brother BiL, for a few more days of messing about with boats, they towed behind them our sailing dinghy a GP14, on a trailer. Now they didn’t sail the GP14 in Weymouth, they had bigger faster boats in mind, (it’s a boy thing) so they left it parked up on BiL’s drive.  Today Mr Uhdd and Tom drove back from Weymouth to Derbyshire a six hour drive. When they got home and started to unload the boat, look what they found on the GP, on the foredeck,  clinging resolutely to the cable for the lighting bar.


Have  we seen that face somewhere before!

Cricket 1

I think the chances of it being a cricket (and I think we’ve established it is a cricket, not a grasshopper, you learn so much writting a blog)  from Derbyshire are miniscule, I’ve never seen or heard any here and it would be a very big coincidence that it just leapt on the boat the moment it swung into the yard; of course it could be a Weymouth cricket, but  Weymouth or Salcombe it’s  still an epic journey, no wonder it looks a little windswept.