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So I thought I’d best muster a cerealish themed post, the link is a bit tenuous, but it’s the best I can do..

Devon lanes are very narrow and deep, flanked by high hedgerows and steep banks of vegetation that hide sharp flinty stones waiting to gouge you cars bodywork (many a car comes back from Devon with more than a footwell full of sand as a holiday souvenir) you can drive for miles with the road just single track width, with few passing places, there is often a need to squeeze past other vehicles, of course there are times when this is impossible

Crop 2

When a polite acknowledgement of the other driver

Crop 4

and prompt engagement of reverse gear is a wise move

Crop 3

When I come home from Devon, when I’ve squeezed out of the deep lanes and on to the A38, like toothpaste from a tube, I’ve noticed I  tend to take home with me a bit of ‘Devon lanes driving attitude’ I expect other drivers to be equally willing to edge past in places with no more than the width of a blade of grass between the two cars.  I find myself impatient with Derbyshire drivers (our lanes can be narrow, but not like these.) I berate them with comments such as ‘for goodness sake you could get something the size of a Sherman Tank through that gap, what ya waiting for!’  It doesn’t look like my holiday did much to improve my patience, *sigh*. Here is a relaxing view

Crop 1