Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Links and Ties

The Cookworthy Museum in Kingsbridge, Devon like most  small market town museums is  some what eclectic, that is not intended as a criticism, it’s just they always feel like a bit of a root around in your grannies attic, you are never sure what you will find next.

My first surprise was the building its self, from the street, it looks old but quite ordinary and to be honest I only looked in detail at the outside afterwards, because I so surprised by the interior.


The first floor it is like standing in a  creaking galleon, the room is ancient and oak panelled,


it was once a grammar school, founded 1670, the oak bears the scars of the graffiti of centuries of bored school children (not much changes then.)


It might be beautiful copper plate script, but it’s graffiti none the less


Amongst some of the oddities in the museum  is this a wooden barrel

Whole milk

Powdered milk, from  The Borden Company, New York. How did it get there? and why? I’ll tell you tomorrow.