Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Sunshine with a sting in its tail

Last weeks weather was dominated by heavy bursts of rain that were followed by the sun punching a hole through the glowering clouds:  an excellent combination for a bit of on your doorstep photography, or so I thought, I threw on my wellingtons* and dashed into the garden.

The iris leaves by the pond were bejewelled,

Sun and rain 2

the apples looked scrumptious, I was having a lovely time;

Sun and rain 3

then a wasp (one of the many that are feasting on the fruit that’s been splayed open by crows)  crawled up my trouser leg and stung me on the thigh, that was Monday and I’m still having to slap antihistamine cream on it today.

*I knew those wellingtons were too short, if they’d have been a decent length I’d have tucked my trousers in and none of this would have happened.