Hope Show

August Bank holiday Monday, means Hope Sheepdog Trials and Agricultural Show. (I’ve shown you a shot of the Hope Valley before) Hope Show, as it more usually known, is a traditional sort of agricultural event, cattle,sheep, horses, dogs, tractors, beer, burgers and ice cream, all you need for a grand day out.

I nipped in and out of the show this morning, I’m not one for lingering on the Peak District roads on a bank holiday, they’re too busy for my liking.

Plenty of photos to play with later in the week, but as a taster; fine looking animals

Hope show-1

In a beautiful location

Hope show-2

7 thoughts on “Hope Show

  1. I’ve never yet been to Hope Show largely because it’s on Bank Holiday Monday and the Hope Valley is a good place not to be on Bank Holiday weekends! It looks the kind of traditional show I’d enjoy so maybe next year I’ll get the train instead of taking the car.

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