Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England

Spud, Relaxing at the End of a Busy Day


Laid back pup-2

And should he be on the sofa?  It depends who you ask.


Author: uphilldowndale

Watching the rhythm of rural life, from the top of a hill in northern England. Having spent most of my life avoiding writing, I now need to do it! I am no domestic goddess, but if I were expecting visitors to my home, I would whisk round with the duster and plump up the cushions and generally make the place look presentable. I hope that by putting my words where others may see them it will encourage me to ‘tidy up and push the Hoover around’ my writing. On the other hand I may just be adding to the compost heap. Only time will tell! Pull up a chair, sit yourself down, I’ll put the kettle on.

49 thoughts on “Spud, Relaxing at the End of a Busy Day

  1. Of course he should! xx

  2. I wasn’t aware that was an issue. But then . . .

    The temperature is dropping here. I woke before dawn and realized that Miss Sadie had insinuated herself UNDER the down comforter. The Cowboy was curled politely on the foot of the bed. My son says the problem is that my dogs think they are people. I say the problem is that my dogs think I am a dog too. Miss Sadie and the Cowboy say “Problem? Is there a problem?”

  3. Mine are banned from the furniture and have taken the hint quite well.

    Shame it doesn’t work with the cats!

  4. I’m sure he’s no grubbier than teenage boys.

    Or fell runners…

  5. Of course, he looks so cute lying there 😉

  6. Sorry, I may have missed something…… but is there any other reason for having a sofa other than for the dog? I also sometimes think I only light the fire for him in the winter too!

    • Our first dog preferred beds to sofas, especially if there were humans in the bed to keep him warm: our second dog Moss, could not be allowed the slightest sniff of pack superiority that was afforded by being on the sofa*, the experience has scarred me somewhat! So as long as Spud gets off when instructed without a fight, then he’s on to a winner (and just look at him!!) As said sofa is now well into its second decade there might, although I’m not banking on it, be the chance that we have a new sofa during Spuds lifetime. In which case I might get a bit territorial!!

      *Not that Moss would go into a room with an open fire, so that sorted that problem for 95% of the year.

  7. In my humble opinion (I am merely a blow in sent here by Flighty’s post) my dog can sleep anywhere she likes execpt my side of the bed. She has her own sofa in fact, a little corner of the 2 seater we never use. She sleeps there on a little blanket and won’t jump up unless it’s there, bless, I like to think she wants to keep the fabric clean. We rescued her and she’s had a hard life, what’s wrong with a bit of comfy upholstery under her bum after all that?

  8. This is a drive-by comment prompted by Flighty: My cats never learned that sofas, comfy chairs, and the like weren’t for them. As a test, I tried to lie down on the floor in a sunny spot and they climbed right on top of me which kind of proves something. I’m just not sure what.


  9. Yes Deyank that seems to prove something…I don’t know what either but it’s a sound argument.

  10. All my cat requires from me is food and somewhere soft to sleep…not much to ask really so she is encouraged to sleep on the sofa. I don’t have a dog at the moment, shift work not really permitting one while I live on my own, but if I did I would let him/her sleep on the sofa as long as there is room for me and as long as they look at me with those big brown puppy dog eyes…….

  11. You need to block Spuds MySpace access if that`s the sort of pictures he`s posting of himself.

  12. i think it is their divine right isn’t it? comfiest seat in the house?

  13. I’ve no problems with dogs or even cats on the furniture, but the bloody kids can stay in the yard…………….

  14. Hmmmm, I think they should be allowed.
    However, the House Rules do not follow my thoughts.

    Sam (the Field Spaniel) will get on the sofa the minute your back is turned but if he hears any footsteps or voices, he’ll jump down & pretend to have been laying on the floor all the time. The frantic wagging of his tail gives away his secret!
    If you say “cuddle?” to him he will launch himself up on to the sofa & attempt to become a lap-dog!

    Harley (the Irish Setter puppy) will get up on the sofa as & when & he pleases & if other people don’t like it, tough!
    He has now learned that obeying the ‘down’ command is easier than being persuaded down with a hand on his collar.

  15. My house, My sofa, My dog. I get to decide.

    I am quite happy to have the dog asleep next to me on the sofa. Sitting there slavering while I am eating is not allowed, and she knows that.

    • Trouble is Bob, it’s our house, our sofa and our dog. And we are split 50/50!
      What I don’t want after our previous troubles is a dog that doesn’t know its place and that is not ‘polite’ when out visiting. At the moment Spud ricochets around the furniture like a ping-pong ball, most of this is his ‘puppiness’ I don’t think I have to get too stressed about it.
      All will be good (probably when he gets ‘a year under each paw’; i.e aged 4 years.)

  16. Not having a dog (yet, I’m working on it!) I’ll only say that the family cat considers her right to a comfy seat to be considerably greater than anyone else’s. She shoots evil looks at anyone bold enough to evict her, then retreats to the corner of the rug to wash her behind. She bed-hops at night, too, moving between mine and my youngest’s, depending on who’s being the twitchiest. If there’s one thing she can’t abide, it’s a twitchy sleeper!

    He’s a lovely dog, that one, and I’m not sure I’d have the strength of character to evict him from such a lovely spot.

  17. I think you need to remove the sofa

  18. No, ours are banned from the sofa!

    Mind you, they look so “right” when they’re lying there curled up that we occasionally pretend not to notice.

    • I turn my back on this blog for a couple of days and a host of visitors from Gadget and Flighty’s blog arrive, welcome.
      Spud is currently asleep on a shelf in the kitchen, it was the shelf where I kept my cookery books, that was ’till last week when Spud chewed Jamie Oliver’s face off.
      I’ve had to move them to a safer place. I’m sure Delia would have some sensible advice on this dilemma. Can we broaden the debate to include the removal of pet hairs from upholstery please.

  19. Just out of interest, how old is Spud?

  20. ‘Can we broaden the debate to include the removal of pet hairs from upholstery please’

    My answer is……….. don’t remove them!

    Cover the upholstery with rugs, old blankets and old bedspreads, and then wash those in the machine after a good bashing outdoors.

  21. We have a Hovawart dog and the natural ability of this race to adapt to its surroundings is astonishing. Outside they are 100% “Hovawart” (watchdogs), but inside the they become 100% “Sofawart” and in the kitchen they become 100% “Hoovawart” Truly amazing!!!

  22. Coming from a family that had dogs as working dogs, our Munsterlanders never made it to the sofa, mainly because there wouldnt be any room left for anyone else.

    We did have an oversized springer that did whatever it wanted and would oftern launch itself on your lap without any warning and then try and beat you to death with its tail.

    Cats – now thats a different matter!

  23. Our Springer, Daisy, has her own sofa. And not just one of those pet ones, a real two seater sofa.

    She still finds her way on to ours when we we get up and leave the room though.

  24. Hi,

    Sheppie, my ex RAF explosives border collie (he failed training as he got too excited around bombs which worried people for some reason) will make himself comfy pretty well where he likes.

    There’s a sofa in my bedroom which he will readily make himself comfy on. He likes a cuddle last thing at night and first thing in the morning and will jump on my bed. He never lays on my bed any other time unless I go out in which case he’ll make himself at home.

    I pretty much let him make himself comfy wherever he likes, he soon jumps off when someone else is using the sofa in my bedroom or the sofa in the lounge. My general opinion is if visitors don’t like dog hair they don’t need to sit down, Sheppie lives here they don’t!


    PS: Came here via Gadget and it’s a gorgeous photo!

  25. My dog sleeps on the sofa, chair, own bed, my bed, my lap and is very well behaved in restaurants ( I live in France and they allow that, welcome them really)> having said that I have no trouble with dogs’ hairs as it is a Yorkie. My previous dog didn’t shed either, that was a Standard Poodle but due to his enormous size he was no allowed on the bed.

  26. Gadget sent me too 🙂 As a fellow spaniel owner – of course Spud should be on the sofa, how else can he fulfil his essential spaniel duty of keeping your feet toasty warm?

  27. I have two spaniels: one an established sofahound and the other a rescue-ish dog that was liberated from Puppy Prison where she was used as a machine for supplying little spaniels to the masses.

    Two years down the road and Mrs Dog is also a fully-established sofahound and it’s hard shifting her, as she ‘pretends’ to be asleep even though it’s fairly bloody obvious otherwise. Butter wouldn’t melt etc.

    The other spaniel (Monster) has his own sofa… well two actually. One in the living room and the other in the bedroom… which he uses as a leaping off point in a bedwardly direction. I don’t really have a problem, but autumn means wet garden and that means overtime for the Hotpoint 2000i turbo – which seems to be constantly full of duvet covers between October and May.

    What with the four (rotated for hygene purposes) ‘moocows’, ‘oinkypig’ and ’emergency teddy’ – which is jammed in Mrs Dog’s gob when niether of the cows and pig toys (surrogate puppies) can be located in a hurry – I really should consider buying shares in Persil.

    There’s five bloody cats too, but they’re i/c Domestic’s responsibility and wisely avoid me.

  28. Mrs. Uhdd, you have the most extraordinary readers! All of us utterly bonkers, of course, but no matter. We have good stories, many of them about dogs.

    • How fortunate we all are to have found so many other bonkers souls around the globe, the power of the Internet.
      I can report that last night Spud sussed how to scramble over the children’s stair gate that we had been using to keep him confined to the kitchen when we were unable to give him our fully attention. The first I knew about it was when he leapt on me in bed! No we’ve got our hands full.

  29. On or off the sofa is okay as long as the boundaries are consistent enough to become ingrained so they don’t just leap up as soon as you leave the room.

    We tried gates, double-sided sticky barriers, and “No-stay” sprays for our kitten Koshka. She leapt the gates, plays with the tape, and likes to roll and wriggle on the “No Stay” sprayed areas… in the end it is firm “NO”s and consistent removal that have worked their way into her mind and set the boundaries. Watching her roll in the “No Stay” was hilarious though!

    Oh, and I’d not been by in a while so thanks to Gadget for sending me.

  30. I think I am one of my dog’s sofas. I am adopting a Zen type appraoch because she clearly is – if there’s a sofa in a living room is it really really there if a dog isn’t lounging on it?

  31. hello mrs uhdd!

    as you know, young dave and i have finally overturned the sofa ban –as you can see. the fact that this coincided with the economy drive and turning the heating down has not escaped us. herself is very fond of the nancy mitford saying about throwing another dog on the bed when you are cold at night…


    joker the lurcher

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