Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England

Cook Thoroughly


‘The oven chips will need another five minutes or so.’ That was my parting shot as I left my men folk to their own devices with supper last night. Apparently in my absence there was some discussion about the fact that I’d put insufficient chips in the Aga, given that all three have hearty appetites and that a ‘few more’ wouldn’t have gone amiss. Well, if they had got both trays of chips out of the oven there would have been plenty of supper for everyone, as it was I found the second tray of chips (well the charcoal remains of) this lunch time when I opened the oven to put lunch in to cook.

Oven chips-2

Who wants to clean the pan?

(Because an Aga oven vents out through a flue, you can never smell if something is burning, unless you are outside!)


Author: uphilldowndale

Watching the rhythm of rural life, from the top of a hill in northern England. Having spent most of my life avoiding writing, I now need to do it! I am no domestic goddess, but if I were expecting visitors to my home, I would whisk round with the duster and plump up the cushions and generally make the place look presentable. I hope that by putting my words where others may see them it will encourage me to ‘tidy up and push the Hoover around’ my writing. On the other hand I may just be adding to the compost heap. Only time will tell! Pull up a chair, sit yourself down, I’ll put the kettle on.

11 thoughts on “Cook Thoroughly

  1. Whoops! Well, it’s obvious what they are getting in their stockings! Lumps all ready to go 😉

  2. that’s me! i am rarely allowed near the oven…

  3. Funny find and interesting to first look at the photo for awhile before reading to let one’s imagination go wild.

  4. sorry, but that is a funny sight, probably only because I don’t have to deal with it. They are definatley cooked though. Guess they won’t be asked to help with Christmas day dinner – maybe just ALL the dishes for the rest of the year. x

  5. Soak the pan in a strong solution of bio washing powder and very hot water – then make one of them scrub the rest off! That might teach them to check the oven more carefully!

  6. OH eck what have they done ?
    I had to smile Uphill..

  7. I often have to leave myself a ‘clue’ that something is in the Aga (other than tea, of course). I once put a bacon joint in so we could have sandwiches all week and remembered it two days later!

  8. oven chips always take longer than you think, but I reckon they left them in just a bit too long.

  9. Been there, done that!

  10. Oh funny! I think this post is super funny! (of course don’t have to clean the pan). The Aga must be the oven, yes?

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