Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Cutting Action

The tree felling continues. 10 trees down, including the digging out of the stump and roots, which is a bigger job than getting the tree down. The new axe is splendid,

new axe-2

err, there is however a problem, with Mr Uhdd’s chainsaw, it’s broken, a tree fell on it. So the time has come to replace the old one (electric) with a whizzy new model (petrol). For a long, long time, since BC (before children*) Mr Uhdd has had a hankering for a Sthil chainsaw, he’s scoured the Internet, as Mr Uhdd doesn’t like going to the shops, but he found he can only purchase a Sthil saw from a dealership, not on line. It is for his and the chainsaws safety, apparently.

big tree-2

We once had a splendid demonstration of the powers of such a tool at the Sthil trade stand at Bakewell show, interestingly we both noted how the salesman had a digit missing from his left hand (do you know I can count on one hand the number of people I know with a digit missing, what’s that all about eh?) So Mr Uhdd is off to the chainsaw shop tomorrow, I’ve added some Kevlar trousers to his shopping list ( I note the Sthil trousers also have a UV protection factor of 40+ which is handy.)

* The arrival of whom, put paid to the purchase of ‘luxury’ goods such as chainsaws