Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England

Why we Went to Wales


In part it was for Mr Uhdd to have a look at the boat he will be sailing on during The Three Peaks Yacht Race. She was out of the water for a little TLC, not that she needs much TLC, she is a young and sprightly boat. But boats always need a touch of something, or so I’ve observed, from a distance; I think we’ve established on this blog, I don’t ‘do’ boats, well not very much.

3 Peaks Race Prep-2

I was going to say it is because I am a Derbyshire lass, but then so is Dame Ellen Macarthur and it doesn’t seem to have stopped her embracing the sea. Tom likes to do some sailing,  however Joe is always keener on shore based maintenance.

Boy and a Boat-2

(For the record, Mr Uhdd got more paint on himself than Joe did and the paint cost £70 a tin; the alcohol hand wash stuff out of the first aid kit was good for getting the paint off Mr Uhdd face, he had something of the Braveheart look about him by the time they had finished.)

Joe has been like this since a very young age, here he is in New York, in 2003, alongside  the boat Bristol Clipper, helping some of the crew fix something important.


Joe’s uncle ‘BiL’ was skipper of Bristol Clipper, in the  Clipper around the world yacht race. 02-03, and we all flew out to meet up with the the boat,  when it arrived in New York; it was an adventure I seem to remember, I wish I had a blog of that time to look back on.

Even a land lubber like me can work out it is sails Joe’s working on here.


after that he moved on to quarter master duties, although a fair bit of flour seems to be ending up on the crew.


You just couldn’t keep him out of the thick of it!


He is still the same, once you’ve peeled him  off the XBox. But I digress, and what a pleasant browse I’ve had through the ‘New York photos’ this evening;  a perk of blog post writing. Considering we are so not ‘city people’ we loved New York

Back to real time; Mr Uhdd had a crack at the Three Peaks Yacht Race last year, and is going back for more, he has bought a new bike for the occasion. No doubt you will  be hearing more about the race, but here is a heads up (or should it be hands up) about what the race entails.

Three peaks -2

Note the date; just a few days after my significant birthday.


Author: uphilldowndale

Watching the rhythm of rural life, from the top of a hill in northern England. Having spent most of my life avoiding writing, I now need to do it! I am no domestic goddess, but if I were expecting visitors to my home, I would whisk round with the duster and plump up the cushions and generally make the place look presentable. I hope that by putting my words where others may see them it will encourage me to ‘tidy up and push the Hoover around’ my writing. On the other hand I may just be adding to the compost heap. Only time will tell! Pull up a chair, sit yourself down, I’ll put the kettle on.

24 thoughts on “Why we Went to Wales

  1. good blogging. tell you what those green crocs look the part.
    Good luck to MR Uhdd at the yacht race.

    • He is very fond of his green Crocs; my mum was very sceptical that he would want to wear them, ‘lime green, are you sure it is what he wants?’ But I knew he would love them as much as his tartan trousers. He is his own man. Which is just as well as Tom won’t be seen with him when he is wearing either item!

  2. You should have prepared me for this post! Quietly picking up on my email and suddenly dragged way down memory lane.

    Since its election season and going a bit further down the memorys, how about this for a news story:

    Thanks to my media coach (UHDD) for enabling this story!


    • I could only have prepared you, if I’d know I was going to write it! I started with the picture of Joe painting the boat and the rest fell on to the page, that is how it is sometimes.
      I do feel it your e-vote was one of our finest media moments; I told you it was news worthy story, in fact I told you several times 😉
      Of course you did write a ‘blog’ about the whole trip, in the form of your daily report; it’s just that we didn’t know that’s what it was, at the time.

  3. The messing about part of boating has a certain appeal. Making them seaworthy, and all that entails, seems to me just making them cozy. Warm and dry, and safe. I really wouldn’t need to go to sea at all to get the benefit of a boat. In fact, it’s the sea part of it all that puts me off. But good luck to Mr Uhdd. I doubt he’ll have to time to appreciate the coziness of his boat.

  4. It’s also exactly a week after my son’s wedding, which is taking place in … Barmouth. So we’ll miss the beginning of the race, but really enjoying Barmouth anyway, it’s a lovely place. There may also be some celebrating!

    Good luck Mr UHDD!

    • Thank you Christine, Have a fantastic time. We had a very nice afternoon in Barmouth, I may well have had a snooze in the sand dunes. We also had some exceptional fish and chips; you know you are on to a winner, when the queue snakes down the road. They were worth waiting for.
      FYI, near the level crossing, on the road that runs parallel to the railway line

  5. So not only did the BiL go to all that trouble to vote, he also invented blogging. The man has a lot to answer for.

    Very fine post, Mrs. Uhdd, and an exceptional shot of magic at the end.

  6. I also have to peel Chuck off his X Box, and it makes me feel much better to read that you have to do the same. Perhaps we should start a self help group for parents who are worried that the wretched x box is ruining their lives! The thing is, it doesn’t seem to be ruining his life, but everything tells me that it should be. Maybe it’s just a generation thing. Ugggggggh!

    • We have tried many techniques, the most effective being that we refuse to subscribe to unlimited broadband, so he has to keep an eye on the running total on the account or face the wrath of the rest of the family. We used to have a house rule, no PC Xbox games after 10am and before 4pm, but then he just went round to ‘play’ at the neighbours and spent the time on their Xbox/PC. So if we start a ‘parents against Xbox campaign’ we will have to agree a time frame and synchronise watches.
      It just doesn’t feel right because it excludes so many other things (including exercise) but did children of previous generations get told ‘put your tin soldiers away’ or ‘that’s enough time with your train set?’

      Joe had to do a ‘presentation’ about his hobbies and interest, his form teacher told him he should describe them as ‘strategy games’ rather than computer games. Which sounds more wholesome…….

    • One advantage of my nephews Joe and Tom playing with the X Box so much is that I’ve got a ready made helpline to call if I can’t work out how how use mine!


  7. It isn’t just your boys, UHDD and IG – my girls are just as bad. If it’s not MSN it’s the X Box. Doesn’t seem to be doing them any harm, mind. Probably is a generation thing. I don’t remember being that addicted to the early-version games console we had!

    Still, if they’re on the X Box they’re not drinking on street corners I suppose…

  8. The early games certainly didn’t have the ability to hook kids in that these games do.

  9. Thanks for a really interesting and informative post!
    I’m no sailor but I used to work with someone who was, and he regularly took part in the Fastnet Race including the 1979 one! xx

  10. Well Best of luck to Mr Uhdd for the challenge. I’m doing the 3 peak myself in 2 weeks time and I’m starting to get quite nervous!

    If I am free and the 19th of June is a sunny day I will perch myself at the Ben Nevis Inn to cheer along the runners! I take it they are doing the Ben last?

    • Thanks for your good wishes.

      Yes, we’re doing the Ben last, but before we do that, we have to sail from Barmouth (start 16:00 on 19th June) to Fort William taking in Snowdon (from Caernarfon) and Scafell Pike (from Whitehaven) on the way. Last year we took just over five days to complete the race, but the winds were very light so it was a slow race. The distances involved are shown on the last photo, and with a bit of luck we’ll be finishing in under four days this time.

      • Ah!!! Because I’m doing the 24 hour event I forgot your event will depend on the winds! Well if I’m in the area I will look out for you all. I saw the event coming through a couple of years ago adn was very impressed! Your all bonkers!

        But then again thats what people are calling me at the minute!

  11. Hello!

    Just a quick update for yourself and Mr UHDD!

    I completed the 3 Peaks in 23 hours and 43 minutes this weekend! Very pleased and not too sore which is always a bonus!

    Check out the blog for full run down!

    Hope all the prep for the Yacht challenge is going well.

    Sam x

    (Formerly Ambo Nut, in another reality that time forgot!)

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