Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


A Brief Affair

Blossom was a long time coming this year, but in the end it seemed to effervesce over night and was gone as quickly as it arrived. The cherry was a picture, but short lived; the falling petals giving the pond a flashover of pink before turning, in a few hours, to a decomposing mush, that was reminiscent of the ‘rose water perfume’ we used to try and make  in jam jars as kids.

Cherry blossom-2 

The lilac has obviously adored this years bizare weather profile and has been at the best we’ve seen in 18 years.

lilac time-2

Bees, we seem to have a garden full of bees. Spud has found a bumble bee nest, in the bank near the pond, and has been trying to excavate it.

Busy bee-2

You can rest assured it is a topic this blog will be returning too.