Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


I Don’t Fancy Fish Tonight

I promised you I’d bring you tales of fish from Bakewell tonight. But I’m not of that frame of mind, so I shall exert blog writers privilege, and serve a different dish of the day.

Something yellow.

just yellow-2

and more yellow.

Buttercups and clover-2

I’ve been trying to capture Spud’s antics in the field (the grass is long enough now that he has to leap around like a gazelle to find his way about).

But it hasn’t been a great success he either faces the wrong way,

Spud with buttercups-2 

or he runs off for a chat with the neighbours

talking with the neighbours -2

Or I miss him completely

missed again.-2 

Sigh, I’ll try again tomorrow