Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Hair of the Dog

My feet have barely touched the ground this week.  I’ve a stockpile of blog posts in my head, but no time to  capture them,  I’ve things to show and tell; all you ever wanted to know about pig nuts, but were afraid to ask,  about the making of hay in the meadow, a post about the dearth of foxgloves this summer and the falling water levels in the reservoirs, to name a few. 

But today I’ve managed to achieve 3 items off my ‘to-do list’, Spud has had his coat clipped and the boys have had their hair cut, the 3 of them now look more streamlined and easy to maintain.

Of late Tom has been coaching Spud, on the finer points of retrieving balls from the pond, this has resulted in the kitchen now smelling of pond weed rather than damp dog (this eau de pond weed is in addition  to the permeating odour  and taste of ancient plaster dust that is a result of the ongoing  building work.)

So for light relief, till I get a grip of my world, here is Spud, taking a dip

Water dog-2

And afterwards, Winding up for a BIG shake

Demon dog-2

And a top to tail shake

wet dog-2