Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England

With Love and Affection


Yesterday, we went to London, for a family celebration, Mr Uhdd’s aunt was celebrating her 90th birthday.

There was a splendid cake.

 90th birthday cake-2

The cake was a work of art, in many ways; the image on the easel, is a miniature copy of one of Aunt N’s watercolours, the little ducks swimming along the base are the ducklings that swim in the stream at the bottom of her garden,  and on whose health and wellbeing she reports daily, by phone, to her young grandchildren in London and the pink shirt, it is an exact match to Aunt N’s favourite shirt.

(looking at this little marzipan figure, those of us of a certain age are thinking Camberwick Green, are we not?)

There were chocolates too,


lots of them

more chocolate-2

but more than cake and chocolates, more than sunshine and flowers, most of all;there was love and affection.

with love -2

Author: uphilldowndale

Watching the rhythm of rural life, from the top of a hill in northern England. Having spent most of my life avoiding writing, I now need to do it! I am no domestic goddess, but if I were expecting visitors to my home, I would whisk round with the duster and plump up the cushions and generally make the place look presentable. I hope that by putting my words where others may see them it will encourage me to ‘tidy up and push the Hoover around’ my writing. On the other hand I may just be adding to the compost heap. Only time will tell! Pull up a chair, sit yourself down, I’ll put the kettle on.

20 thoughts on “With Love and Affection

  1. Oh, this is Beautiful ! The cake of course is a masterpiece, made with love and affection. For me though, the most precious image is the one of those two hands, holding each other gently. One hand, definitely stronger than the other, taking care with tenderness of your Aunt’s. Very touching indeed. Thank you for sharing this special moment.

  2. Really lovely post and what a wonderful cake! Who had the heart to cut into it?? When I looked at it the song from Camberwick Green actually popped into my head 🙂

  3. I will consider my life well spent if, as it nears its end, people feel such love and affection for me. That is a beautiful post.

    In spite of its beauty, you are a rascal.

    You would have enjoyed watching me start the Camberwick Green downloads, go to pour a cup of coffee, become distracted, fiddle with a post, stare into space–and then cast about me in alarm as the first tiny siren bleeped from . . . well, where exactly? That was the problem of course. Oh. Now I remember.


  4. So you came down to the Wicked City! And survived to tell the tale! Actually, it’s a great place, London, and I won’t hear a word against it.

    90 is a good age. Well done, auntie! You have my admiration along with my best wishes.

    Having good folk around you who care for you is of course a wonderful thing and it’s what makes life worth living.

    I think you should photograph some of those watercolours and post them here. There is so much talent out there among the people that never gets to be known.

  5. Happy Birthday, Aunt N.

    Camberwick Green. That takes me back a bit. And Trumpton. My mind just wandered off to a happy place. Thanks.

  6. A beautiful cake. We’re lucky enough to have a family friend who does similar works of art. She did one for my grandfather’s 70th (the year before he past away,sadly) which was an exact replica of his favourite armchair complete with book and remote control on opposite arms of the chair. She has also done Squirt from Finding Nemo for my 21st and a moped for my little sister’s 18th. A very stunning talent to have!

  7. It’s a beautiful cake. A work of art indeed.

    I love the image of the hands. Wonderful.

  8. Lovely picture that last one – it reminds me of last Saturday: That day we celebrated my mother’s 90 years birtday:-)

  9. I love the photo of the hands. I love hands. To think of all that her hands have done over the years—the work, the applause, the caring for others. It always fascinates me.

    My husband’s aunt is 90 in a few days as well. It must have been a wonderful year to be born!

    Happy birthday to your Aunt!!!

  10. Lovely post, and I like the bit about the little ducks! xx

  11. Beautiful images, especially the one with the hands and what a cake! Great way to celebrate such special day. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hi Uhdd,

    I couldn’t find an email address for you (and no longer have the emails in the ambulance nut account to look at), I’m actually looking for some advice from Mr Uhdd.

    My friend has peaked my interest in potentially taking part in a mountain marathon. Can he give any tips for beginners in this field and what a good new entry level race may be?

    Thank you
    Sam x

  13. That is a very cool cake – and those chocolates have me salivating!

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