Bees Knees

In the garden at Overbecks,

I’ll not even try and identify the species, I’ve fallen foul of trying to do that before on this blog. I’ll settle for it being the ‘does my bum look big in this’ bee,

Does my bum look big in this-2

But best not be rude, it can pack a punch.


Here is its best side, handsome eh?

Best side-2

14 thoughts on “Bees Knees

  1. So many blogs, so little time! Found your link on Rowan’s blog. Your world is so very different from mine. I’m such a sucker for beautiful nature photography. Thanks for sharing! sjg:o))

  2. Dan H.

    That isn’t a bee, it is as a previous poster said, a Tachinid fly. The single pair of wings and to a lesser extent the head shape gives the game away. It may look like a bee, but this is Batesian mimicry; the fly is harmless but looks like a bee which certainly can defend its self, thus the fly benefits from the defences that the bee has.

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