The Final Score

We are back home safe and sound from our adventure on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal.


For the record:

Spud fell in twice

Joe fell in once, emerging with his glasses still in situ, his Crocs took a little longer to retrieve.

Tom fell in once, but managed to keep sufficient grip on the side of the boat to keep his mobile phone dry. (Phew, who’d have wanted to share the confines of a narrow boat with  a teenager with no text facility, for a week eh?)

Spud has adored being in such close confines with his ‘pack’ and was a total babe; he was, however, less enamoured with hissy swans.

Swan V Spud-1

He had to be kept under close supervision, as feathery wildlife was abundant

Young swan on the Leeds Liverpool canal-1

and on a short leash!


And when it came to locks, kept out of the way for everyone’s safety (I’ll come back to locks in another post.)


16 thoughts on “The Final Score

  1. I bet you had to work hard to keep Spud on the boat! He looks like such a happy water dog. I look forward to hearing about the locks – these are fascinating, and such a great feature of the British waterways.

    1. we tried all sort of combinations to keep Spud out of mischief, long lead short lead, on deck off, below, on the tow path………. Falling in was not the issue for Spud (or the boys), it was the danger of getting crushed or caught up in the flow of water within the locks that spooked me.

  2. Fee

    I love that last picture of Spud – and I’m so glad Tom kept the mobile dry. A teenager without a working phone is not a happy being (our holiday apartment this year had patchy reception, which caused much angst).

  3. Glad Tom saved the phone. A teen in texting withdrawal is not pretty. That last shot of Spud — such an expressive face. I’m looking forward to hearing about this lock business. Sounds intriguing.

    1. We were already coping with Joe’s Xbox/PC withdrawal, unusually for a teenage boy he cope with the lack of an Internet connection by reading, a book a day on average. This is good ’till you run out of books.

  4. Good to hear you made it home safe and sound after such a smashing and splashing holiday. Is it common for people and pets to fall overboard on such excursions? At least you two parents were above board 😉

  5. Joss

    That must be a life-jacket Spud is wearing. I think you wrote about such things once before. My dog and I walk along a canal every morning, so there is a danger she too could fall ‘overboard’!

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