Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Flocking to Skipton

Now then, where were we, I seem to remember leaving off somewhere near the North Yorkshire market town of Skipton

A town that owes a lot to sheep ( this is the tiled doorstep of a shop in Sheep Street).

Sheep Street Skipton-1

Sheep  are everywhere at the moment; this one is part of a community art event, ‘Flock to Skipton’ it’s entitled ‘flowers for ewe’ and there are another 24 dotted around the town (but is you want to run with the flock, you’ll have to be quick, I think they are off to market on the 14th on November (oh look, it says here it has been extended ‘until 19th of December’

Flowers For You-1

Skipton  has a thriving market (and there aren’t many of those left around the country these days) You can buy proper, traditional stuff,

Hats, my dad would have stopped  at this stall ( or more likely, sent my mum).

Flat caps for sale-1

And for the ladies, a nightie for every night of the week.

Nighties for sale-1

Tom on the other hand headed for here, he liked the bikes, I liked the building.

Here be Tom-1

We mustn’t leave the canal out of the scene setting


(I mustn’t forget to tell you that I saw a Kingfisher, by the river in the centre of Skipton, it was flashed past far too fast for a photo opportunity though.)

Skipton is a town that still manages to retain some character, the only teenagers I found lurking in dark alleyways were my own

Teenagers lurking in dark alley!-1

Here are some more sheep.

This is my favourite, Baa bones

Skelley Sheep 2-1

(although, I thought its horns should also have been painted in white.)

Skelley Sheep-1

Joe liked this one, because it looked like something he grew in a petri dish at school.

Joe likes this one -1

and this was always going to be a hit with overseas visitors

Loving Skipton-1

In case you get lost, this is for you.

Ewe are here-1