For the Love of Larch

I’m rather fond of larch trees, I like the soft zesty lime green tufts of new needles in the spring, as much as I like the gold haze they proffer in the autumn and a jug of branches laden with cones never goes amiss in the winter either.


If I remember rightly this is a Japanese larch Larix kaempferi,L. leptolepis but don’t quote me on that, as Spud the dog ate the label, so I can’t be quite sure.

This is the top of the trunk

larch bark 1-1

a little lower down it starts to darken

larch bark 3-1

And the oldest wood, is a gunmetal grey.

larch bark-1

We’ve got one tree in the garden, but across the valley in the Forestry Commission woodland there are great swathes of larch. Mighty fine they look too, in the setting sun at this time of year.

larch 1-1

I may have to go in search of a photo or two, time and weather permitting.