Suspended Animation

A hawthorn bush, at the side of a road, add a large puddle and days of sub zero temperatures,  repeatedly douse the hawthorn in  the spray from passing vehicles as they speed through the puddle, and this is what you get.

Ice Hawthorne 3-1

It looks rather magical,

Ice Hawthorne 1-1

What caught my eye was next years buds, at the tips of the twigs, caught under the ice.

Ice Hawthorne 5-1

I had to watch my back a bit, it didn’t seem prudent to get caught up with a fast road and a large stretch of ice, just for the sake of a pretty tree,

Icy patches on roads-1

but it was early on Sunday morning, not many people were out and about so I was able to pick my moment. The snow queen flashed by in her white Porche, but I missed the shot.

Snow queen on wheels -1

But not the magic

Hawthorn 6-1

19 thoughts on “Suspended Animation

  1. No NO thank you it looks even colder then our minus 23 this morning ….great photos indeed…So thank you for going out and showing us how harsh but beautiful natures forces can be ….

  2. I would rather see these in photos than in reality. It’s quite cold enough here in the city without splashing everything with icy water. Though Tigger did take a photograph of some icicles on the way home.

    The photos are pretty, I grant you that, and I would have been tempted myself had I seen the iced berries. Fortunately, you were there to do it for me! 🙂

  3. Fee

    You be careful when out taking pictures for our edification! Says the daft one who was hanging out of the bedroom window today to zoom in on the snow coated phone lines – result on flickr.

  4. I’m in my recliner with a lap robe on my legs and cat sleeping on my chest, which is, to my mind, the best way deal with inclement weather. Appreciate you braving the cold to get such striking photos. However, better you than me. . . down to -4C here tonight, but too dry to spit, never mind snow or anything.

  5. Joss

    I think I know that tree! The one by the side of the road with the splash all over it! I wanted to stop and take a photo too, but couldn’t. This was about three years ago but was in your neck of the woods. I bet it gets like that every winter.

  6. Hello – great to come across a feelow northerner! Not sure where you are but gosh do I love your blog – made me feel so much at home – so I will visit again and again if that is ok??? Similar worlds I think in a way – we are just off the North York Moors near Whitby – where we are snowed in – where we have been for 6 whole days – with more to come I hear!

    1. Welcome Denise, fellow sounds like our sort of word.
      6 Days? Phew I think we’d be going stir crazy. I can quite enjoy being snowed in, so long as family are all accounted for and in rude health; but all too often there are outside world commitments that niggle. Maybe I need to go on holiday somewhere and be snowed in.

  7. Magical images indeed! I can just see you out there in your red wellies. (Do your neighbors stop you in the grocery store to ask what you were about? Mine used to. Now they know.)

    I am astonished at all the wintry weather reported across the blogosphere. Except for a couple of days of cold, we have not yet been blessed. Our time is coming, though, yes indeed.

  8. mrs K

    Looks as though it is going to last for a while.

    We started off with 3 inches on 17th November, today it measured 9 inches and its still coming in.

    Watching the spindrift is magnificent, Mother Nature can be awkward, but there is always some beauty even in when she is on the worst of tempers.

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