Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England

Farming Folk


Sheep waiting for fodder 1-1

Sheep waiting for fodder.

Many thanks to Dorothy over at Arcadian Advocate for showing me this advert. Love it: ‘come and look at this’ I said to the boys, it turns out they’ve seen it so often they know the lyrics, hummmm how much TV are they watching?

Look out for the owl, my favourite bit (oh, yes; and it’s not just the yoghurt that looks a bit tasty.)


And look, the owl has his own video (although I’m not sure what ‘makeup’ did with his ears!)


Author: uphilldowndale

Watching the rhythm of rural life, from the top of a hill in northern England. Having spent most of my life avoiding writing, I now need to do it! I am no domestic goddess, but if I were expecting visitors to my home, I would whisk round with the duster and plump up the cushions and generally make the place look presentable. I hope that by putting my words where others may see them it will encourage me to ‘tidy up and push the Hoover around’ my writing. On the other hand I may just be adding to the compost heap. Only time will tell! Pull up a chair, sit yourself down, I’ll put the kettle on.

8 thoughts on “Farming Folk

  1. In the “dancing” bits, he was not fully grown. The owlets don’t have” ears.” When he’s being showcased by the lady in the red shirt, he all grown up and has his mature (and very handsome!) plumage.

  2. Great ads! I have forwarded the link to my friends who have a farm here on Vancouver Island 🙂

  3. My granddaughter (age 3) is absolutely crazy about owls. I sent her mom the link. Thanks!

  4. I love it. The Romeyns and the Kiks are gonna love it. Rob the Firefighter is gonna love it.

  5. Vera, Chuck and Dave have this on their iPod thingys and LOVE it! It’s cult around here with people of a certain age!

    • It must be being very successful, the advert has just been aired during the X-Factor final, that slot didn’t come cheap. It was a different ‘cut’ than the one I linked to, with a lovely snowy view.
      Having once had my shop used as a location for a TV ad, and having had the chance of seeing the process from ‘storyboard’ to the finished cut I’m fascinated by how these things are made.

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