Return of the White Stuff

The white stuff is back.

quince in snow-1

The novelty has worn off already.

Mum is home from hospital, but not fully well by any means, it’s just how it is. We used to be able to coral all her medications into an ice cream tub, but  since her stay in hospital we’ve had to up grade to a biscuit tin, affectionately known as the selection box..

I’m ready for my bed. Mr Uhdd is about to set off into the night to walk from Edale to Marsden and then back again, the aim being to finish tomorrow afternoon. Mad as hatters the lot of them.

17 thoughts on “Return of the White Stuff

  1. So sorry to hear about your mum’s health not being what it once was…and hopefully the new medications in the ‘selection box’ ;), will help her cope.

    Will the Mad Hatters (very apt term 😉 even be able to see where they are going in the white stuff? Ah well, everyone has their own passions to pursue… and their commitment is rather admirable. I’m with you, though…snuggle up in bed and wake up warm, and here’s hoping for some sunshine.

  2. eastpines

    I’m glad to hear that your mum is home again, hopefully the contents of the ‘selection box’ will soon bring her back to full health again. Hope the walk goes well, judging from the weather here they’ll be getting pretty wet!

  3. We had to travel to Pontefract yesterday and what do you know – more snow! Fortunately hubby was driving – phew! Returned home to rain, no snow and a look on people’s faces to wonder what the panic had been about! Typical of the snow.

  4. Fee

    Lovely fresh fall overnight here. Mama Nature saw fit to drop about 6 inches of the white stuff on the first ‘overtime’ day of the year, so it was back to the wellies to get to work.

    Hope your mum continues to get better.

  5. Bless you all as you navigate the mysteries of the selection box. I have a feeling I know who’s driving that particular bus. May your mother have a host of sunny days and some excellent laughs. And may you get a bit of fresh air here and there. Spud! You’re on! Do your stuff!

    I blame the snow on Fee’s turning herself into a penguin.

    1. Thank you Gerry, Spud is doing his stuff! Mum said I could take him to visit her in hospital, we had a laugh imagining the consequences of that suggestion
      Tom did suggest that if Mr Uhdd’s party were to get into difficulty out on the hill, as they numbered eighteen, they could huddle together like penguins for warmth.

  6. Such a “sport” has no appeal at all to yrs trly — and I live in a perfectly flat landscape. But traipsing about over the kind of topography you have? I’ll just give that one a miss, thank you. Must be a guy thing.

  7. Snow here too … it is pretty though

    How sad when your selection box holds medicine instead of biscuits. I suppose it will come to use all though! Glad she’s out at least

  8. I hope being home helps your Mum’s recovery. I know it helped with my grandmother at times… and we all had to deal with the medicine cocktails too… mind boggling!

    We’ve been lucky enough to have a sunny day here today, and I think we’re in for the same tomorrow. It feels almost exotic. I can’t wait for spring.

  9. BTW, There are these inexpensive plastic pill organizer boxes you can get that have lidded compartments not only for days of the week but times of the day.
    These can be very helpful for the elderly, especially those on many medications, for helping them to keep track of what they are supposed to take and when. You might consider something like that for your mum — if she doesn’t have one already. One of you could prepare her week’s medication, putting each day’s pills in the proper compartments according to when and how often she is to take them. That would make it easy for you (and her) to determine if she is remembering to take her medications and to check to see if she is taking them properly. — it would also alert you to when she is getting low on a particular medication and needs to get her prescription refilled

    1. Thanks WOL, I’ve seen those they can be really useful, some of our local pharmacies ‘bubble pack’ patients medications by the day. Mum is very on the ball with her meds as a rule, she was just overwhelmed by the new regime; getting home from hospital and settled in at home again had knocked the stuffing out of her. Once we’d laid it all out, checked it off and bagged up the stuff she is not to take any longer she felt a lot better about it all. Mum can rote recite her medication and dose, I can barely pronounce most of them 🙂

  10. It was really good you got rid of the stuff she is not to take any longer. It’s really, really good that you’re there. How nice that she’s feeling better!

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