Spud on Sunday XIX

Just to show Spud isn’t permanently on the sofa!

Spud on Sunday-1

It is me that has not been able to get out and about much of late, Spud is at the door ready to run at a moments notice. Whilst I’m a little swamped with jobs to be done and studies to be studied. I’ll  be back to tell you where Spud is and why, a little later in the week. If it is sooner rather than later, it will be because I’ve finished my work, or, more likely , I’m looking for a distraction.  It’s a truism, the less time you have to attend to your blog, the greater the need to do so!!

I’ve not been managing to keep up with reading my favourite blogs or responding as I’d like, to the comments left here; hopefully this will free up a bit when I get in the swing of things, if not it will be September before usual service is resumed!

11 thoughts on “Spud on Sunday XIX

  1. Fee

    That is exactly the sort of view I imagine when I think of your part of the world. I’m quite sure Spud never lacks for exercise, entertainment, food or affection, regardless of how busy you are!

  2. I am looking forward to learning more about those interesting objects in the right foreground. I wish you well with the jobs and the studies and the great Balancing Act, and will just wander by whenever you happen to be at home. Meanwhile, Fee and I will just have a nice chat with Flighty and Inspector Gadget, shall we?

  3. A beautiful example of a boy and his dog. Wish I was there. Those round things on the right look like they either have been or were going to be millstones. Aren’t the boys going to be having some school hols soon? You should let one of them, or Mr UHDD do a guest post or two to help take up the slack.

  4. Joss

    I’ve just been over at the London Daily Nature Photo blog, looking at the fantastic photos of the super- moon. I mentioned there that my dog has been behaving even more of a lunatic than she normally does at full moon. I just wondered if Spud gets a bit over-excited at full moon, or is he like that all the time?

  5. All that fresh air will help Spud relax when he gets home and climbs aboard the sofa! Sounds like you are super busy with so much, and hope you are able to stay on top of it without collapsing in a heap! Breathe deeply and carry on 😉

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